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Service Prices

All Prices are Suggested Donations for Services Rendered (A Receipt Will Be Given for Tax Purposes) if You find it lower, I'll Match it!

Reiki I​n Person


Best Package Offer


30-60 Minute Healing

Reading of What I find during the session (others charge extra for this information)

Discounts for 3 or more sessions (when booked up front)

Reiki Long​ Distance


Best for General Upkeep


30-60 Minute Healing

Reading of What I find during the session (others charge extra for this information)

Discounts for 3 or more sessions (when booked up front)

Pet Reiki

20 Minutes  $25

Best for Busy Homes


Reading on what I find during the session

I cured my cat of her cold in one session...

More Services

Compare My Prices to Others and if You find it lower, I'll Match it!

Mojo Pillows


Request Your Type

Order From List or Request Your Own

Psychic Abilities

Attract/Keep Love




Attract Good Spirits or Repel Bad Spirits



And More...

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Crystal Healing $75/hr


Per Month

1 Hour Session
I have an extensive crystal collection including the stones I used on my mentor for her liver cancer (again this is not a replacement for medical treatment nor a claim to cure, so please seek medical advice for all medical problems!) Please refer to her feedback on the "About" page. If you have your own crystals you'd like to use, feel free to bring them. All crystals I use are charged, activated, and cleansed before and after each and every session!

Discount Packages Available for 3 or more sessions!

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Numerology Report $80


Free Journal with Purchase

Hand Calculated and Written, Not Computer Generated!

I do NOT use a software program for my numerology reports! I buy your own journal and hand write and mentally figure all your numbers (unless you want a typed report). This takes several hours as I figure all 5 core numbers and your current month and year numbers. I give you the book for you to journal your own findings as well as explain how I arrived at your numbers for you to practice on your friends and family! (And you can continue to figure your month/day/years ahead to plan when is best to do what!
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Manifesting Miracles (aka Spells) $75-$150


Per Manifestation

1/2 Up Front, the Other 1/2 When You See Results!

I prefer to call these "spells" Manifesting Miracles because that is what they are! I only ask for 1/2 payment up front and the other 1/2 when you see your results! Prices vary and I stick closely to the Witches Creed "...And Harm to None" so please no requests to turn anyone into a toad! I do not just say some words and call your manifestation done. A lot of prep work goes into these requests such as specific days, specific moon phases, ritual baths, herbs, candles, crystals, and prayers. So please don't expect immediate results. As far as the payment when you get your results, I believe in Karma! I go on your word alone. So if you claim you didn't receive results, I will not argue with you nor cast a spell of revenge. I simply take your word for it and will attempt up to three times at no extra charge. If you still claim no results, then you don't pay the other half. Your word as my own word, is our bond!
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Service Prices

Compare the our service packages and find the best fit for you.

Spiritual Counseling/Teaching $30/hr

$30 First Hour, $20 Second Hour $10 Third Hour

Per Hour

1 hr session

I will help you find what you're missing if at all possible! We can talk for hours and during our talks, if need be I'll pull tarot cards, use crystals, and advise your best course of action based on your needs. The first hour is $30 and then $5 every $15 minutes (or $20 for the second hour) and consultations are always FREE!!! I also will teach you how to divine for yourself--read your own Tarot cards, do your own Numerology report, and use a Pendulum anytime anywhere! I also give each person a free Pendulum with each reading and Teaching and Counseling Sesssion

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Pendulums, and Crystal Necklaces for Sale $10- $45


​Free Crystal Necklace OR Pendulum With any Reading/​Teaching/Counseling Servicce


Rose Quartz

Random Pick

I have Crystal Pendulums, and Crystal Necklaces for sale as well as Tarot Decks. Prices include taxes and shipping costs. I ship anywhere. However if shipping exceeds $2.00 I will request the remainder and send you the receipt for proof of shipping cost! I also have the specific Mojo Pillows for sale which are handmade herb filled, charged, cleared and activated for the purpose of the pillow (ie psychic abilities, fertility, love, fidelity, etc...

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Tarot Deck For Sale


Per Deck

$15 Deck with Teaching Tarot!

Rider Wait Deck

Shadowscapes Deck

The Dragon Tarot Deck

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What our customers are saying

Please Check out my EBay feedback:

When eBay allowed psychic readings on their site, I did over 170 of them for eBay buyers. Below are a few of the feedback comments I received through eBay.

She was very wonderful and took her time to answer everything!!! Thank you

Very nice caring person, very insightful & true, thank you!!! 5 stars

Your words were very loving. thanks for the prayer

Honest and caring person. Thank you very much for your time

Truly Awesome!!

The Best of The Best!!!

She is the real deal! She went above and beyond for me! Highly recommended!

Very caring intuitive and accurate and will tell you the truth highly recommend

Jane Doe - Another Company, LLC

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