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There is all kinds of healing that does not include harsh chemicals and thousands of dollars out of pocket. Reiki is one way to heal physical ailments from tension to addiction, and from stress to more serious chronic conditions. I can't CURE you, but through this ancient energy healing I have had success in helping at least hold conditions from mentor (suffering from liver cancer) says this--"My session was Melody was amazing. Her healing hands allowed me to access issues that were holding me back in my own healing. I now expect that the healing will take place and allow me to continue my journey to greater truth. As she was working on me I asked that the healing be extended to my animals. My dog Giz is older and slowing down and beginning to show some health issues. He was depressed, not eating, drinking or going to the bathroom. After working on me and channeling the energy to Giz he became alert, drank, ate a large amount of food and went to the bathroom. I noticed positive changes in one of my cats as well. I was able to get her to eat and she became talkative when I approached. So the healing to me benefitted others as well. Her session also allowed me to tap into former lifetimes and gave me a greater understanding of myself. It was amazing beyond words. Thank you Melody for sharing your gift to allow others to heal and benefit in countless ways. God bless you."

Please note this is not a substitute for medical advice nor a claim to cure cancer. please make sure you're aware of this.

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I’ve spent thousands of hours and dollars learning my abilities. Learning what works for me and what doesn’t. I wouldn’t take back any of my trial or errors and certainly not the victory’s over the “ahh” moments. However I’d like to do my best to help you learn with a lot less pain, difficulties, and money if possible. I’m offering you a 45 minute question and answer session for only $25.
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