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Reiki   $35

30 Minute Healing Session

Reiki    $65

1 Hour Healing Session

Pet Reiki   $25

20 Minute Session On Any Pet

Long Distance Reiki  $35-$65

Pick a time when you'll be able to be still and meditate with me via skype or on the phone for 30 minutes to an hour. I guarantee my services by requesting half payment up front and the rest after the session within 72 hours!

Psychic Reading   $45

This is for a 30 Minute Reading weather via phone, email, or in person.  You may ask as many questions as we can answer during this time frame.

Psychic 12 (on Etsy)Month Reading  $90

This is for the next 12 Months.  No matter what time of year You'll receive the next 12 months of what to expect and how to navigate the year accordingly. This takes 2-4 hours unless in person in which case it's only $75


I'll teach you how to read Tarot for yourself, become a Reiki Master or simply perform Reiki on yourself.  I'll teach you whatever you're metaphysically interested in be it herbs and oils for health and healing, or which crystals are best for your given situation.  If I've not listed your metaphysical interest, contact me to see if I cover your interest! 

6 Month Akashic Records Reading  $50

This is specifically about your future based on your specific Akashic Record.  This reading tells you what to expect to leave your life in the next few days and what your fears are holding you back at the moment as well as the outcome in 6 months from now.

Spiritual Counseling $30/Hour

Whatever is on your mind, in your body, or weighing your spirit down, we'll come up with solutions together!

Much More...

If there is something else you're interested in metaphysically speaking, give me a call and we'll see if I can help! Everything from herbs and oils to incense and crystal healing and more.

Etsy Store

Check out the link to my Etsy store, I have only 39 listings but I have over 200 pendulums, pendants, magical consecrated mojo pillows and more! 

Psychic Reiki Scan $60

This is where I scan your Chakras and feel out the blockages and tell you what they are and what you need to do to unblock them be it Reiki Healing or an alternative method.  I always start out with the free methods and if you still need an appointment for the Reiki Healing or Attunement I'm here!

What our customers are saying

She provides quick and fast services. She has been accurate in providing in-depth readings since my first consultation in 2007. She accurately revealed much insight about my career and love life. However, she is much more than a psychic, she is a spiritual counselor. If you need some advice, comfort and a genuine “shoulder to cry on”, she will go above and beyond to help you but in a way that best supports and uplifts your soul! I highly recommend her! — Mrs. F

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